Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies

Ethical, Effective Leaders for the 21st Century

Inspired by Ralph Hauenstein’s life of leadership and service, the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies is dedicated to raising a community of ethical, effective leaders for the twenty-first century.

The Hauenstein Center is built on four cornerstones:

Cook Leadership Academy serves university students at all levels of their development.  Emerging leaders strive to become more ethical and effective in their community through mentorships and constant engagement with experienced professionals.  The Cook Leadership Academy within the Hauenstein Center has become one of the Midwest’s pre-eminent centers for the exploration and development of leadership excellence.
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Each year we host world-class talks, debates, and conferences to inform citizens, leaders, and apprentice-leaders who seek to understand their role in solving the challenges that communities, states, and nations – past and present – have faced.
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Hauensteincenter.org – our interactive website – and our social media open a window to the world on the scholarship we have produced as a presidential studies center, and the programs we have offered through our leadership academy. Our 600 pages of videos, transcripts, and original scholarship are growing daily, and in seven years have drawn more than 25 million hits from around the globe.

Our book collections have been recognized by the Library of Congress as “a uniquely valuable resource.” No other place on earth houses, in one room, all the books written by U.S. presidents. We are also proud to have one of the nation’s leading espionage and intelligence book collections.

Inspired by Ralph Hauenstein, we seek to provide a platform for emerging leaders in all three major sectors of public life – business, government, and nonprofit.  We promote civic engagement that (1) honors the Founders’ vision of a constitutional republic; (2) builds on existing democratic institutions that promote justice, freedom, opportunity, sustainable prosperity, and the rule of law; and (3) envisions the possibilities for creating better communities.

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