Election Panel: Allendale Campus Event
Perspectives on the 2016 Election
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 5 PM
Cook-DeWitt Center, GVSU Allendale Campus
1 Campus Drive, Allendale, MI 49401


Polls consistently show that two of every three Americans believe our country is on the wrong track. Not surprisingly, this presidential election cycle has disrupted old loyalties and challenged conventional wisdom. It has furrowed the brows of seasoned observers, and it has frustrated citizens of diverse cultural backgrounds and political persuasions.

However, with help from Grand Valley’s political experts, we do not have to remain perplexed. This was the first of two panels on the upcoming presidential election, featuring professors from Grand Valley’s Department of Political Science. The panel was chaired by Mark Richards, and commenters included Erika King, Laura Schneider, Darren Walhof, and Donald Zinman.

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