Hauenstein Center director Gleaves Whitney holds up a copy of Intelligence Was My Line: Inside Eisenhower’s Other Command, a newly-published account of Ralph Hauenstein’s experience in the European Theater of U.S. Operations during World War II.

 Guests mingled with Ralph Hauenstein, founding benefactor of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies.

 Left to right: Ruthie Nelson, Ralph Hauenstein, Paul Nelson, and Peter Cook.

 Gleaves Whitney, Grand Valley State President Mark Murray, and Ralph Hauenstein.

 Geri Markle, Donald Markle (co-author of Intelligence Was My Line), Gleaves Whitney, Grand Valley State President Emeritus Don Lubbers, and Grand Valley Vice President Patricia Oldt.

Ralph and Grace Hauenstein.

 Ralph and Grace Hauenstein’s children: (left to right) Ralph D. Hauenstein, Carolyn Hauenstein, Mary Stahl, and Gerald Stahl.

 Frederik Meijer, former CEO of Meijer Inc., and David Van Andel, chairman and CEO of the Van Andel Institute.

 Donald Markle talked about his experience working with Ralph Hauenstein.

“He was a joy to work with throughout the project,” said Markle of Hauenstein, “always willing to dig a little deeper and always very precise in relating his experiences.”

“He is a great example of what America is all about and what a person can accomplish when called upon.”

 Ralph Hauenstein dedicated the book to “my family, whose love and devotion to me far exceeds, to the fullest measure, those service I performed during the war years.”

 Hauenstein talked about the importance of cooperation between the British and Americans to operations like OVERLORD — the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

“They had the plan already when we got there,” said Hauenstein, “but American forces were the key to victory.”


Updated 10/15/2013