July 18, 2006
“The Roots of the Hamilton-Jefferson Feud,” was the second in a series of five lectures the Hauenstein Center scheduled to accompany a New-York Historical Society exhibit at the Spring Lake District Library.

Dr. John Pinheiro, assistant professor of history at Aquinas College, delivered an address on the feud that divided George Washington’s administrations — between the nation’s first secretaries of state and treasury.

 The lecture attacted a beyond-capacity audience to the library.

Former State Representative and Grand Valley Trustee Jessie Dahlman was in attendence. 

 Dr. Pinheiro talked about the resolution of tension between order and liberty in the governing philosophies of both men.  Their intellectual disagreement was at the root of their political fissure.

  Jean Enright (front left) and Peter Turner (front right) enjoy the event.

  An audience member asks for clarification at the end of Dr. Pinheiro’s talk.

 John Pinheiro (left) and Gleaves Whitney (right) tour the exhibit.


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