September 19, 2006

 The Hauenstein Center hosted a full day of events on Tuesday, September 19, to discuss one of the most prominent domestic issues the United States faces today: immigration.

The panel of experts included, left to right, Salvador Lopez-Arias, Paul Cornish, Eliot Dickinson, Barbara Elliott, and Patrick Shan.

 Paul Cornish is professor of political science at Grand Valley State University.  He teaches courses on natural rights and citizenship.

 Eliot Dickinson is visiting professor of political science at Hope College.  He teaches courses on the politics of U.S. immigration.

 Barbara Elliott is president of the Center for Renewal.  She was awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights in 2001 for her work with refugees and the poor.

 Salvador Lopez-Arias is a visiting professor in Grand Valley State University’s social work department.

 Patrick Shan, a Chinese immigrant, has been a U.S. citizen for sixteen years.  He teaches Chines history at Grand Valley.

 A capacity audience continued discussion of U.S. immigration policy after the panel presentations.


Updated 10/22/2013