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#66: David Brooks and Ronald C. White on Character and the Presidency of Gerald R. Ford

#65: Wheelhouse Talks: Senator Rebekah Warren on Bipartisan Leadership

#64: Andrew Spear on Epistemic Porn

#63: Janet Napolitano and Christine Todd Whitman Talk Politics and Leadership

#62: Martha Jones on Campus Politics and the Free Speech Debate

#61: Scott St. Louis on the Public Humanities and Sharing Knowledge

#60: The Wheelhouse Talks: Michael DeWilde and Charles Pazdernik

#59: Cornel West and Robert George: A Workable Armistice in the Culture Wars?

Common Ground, the podcast of the Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University, explores the cultural and political landscape shared by the left and right. Every week, Joseph Hogan talks with public intellectuals, political leaders, scholars, critics, and writers-at-large about American life, ideas, and identities.

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