12/24: Obama Picks Bible for Inauguration, but What Verse? (CNN) Read
12/20: Some Think Bush Was Too Liberal (St. Petersburg Times) Read
12/15: Delegation Attends Electoral College Vote in Lansing (GV Now) Read
12/8: Hauenstein Center Holds Washington Conference on the Bush Legacy (GV Now) Read
12/8: Second President’s Library to Visit (Muskegon Chronicle) Read
11/21: Life After the White House (The Week) Read
11/12: Pew Campus to Host First National Assessment of Bush (GV Lanthorn) Read
11/3: Ask Gleaves: Election 2008 Special Edition (GV Lanthorn) Read
10/31: Political Fashions Banned from Polling Locations (GV Lanthorn) Read
10/29: Analyzing the Bush Legacy (GV Now) Read
10/16: Expert Panel Examines Policies of Presidential Candidates (GV Now) Read
10/9: L. William Seidman Talks Financial Crisis (GV Now) Read
10/9: L. William Seidman to Discuss Presidential Candidates (GV Now) Read
10/7: Campaign Aims to ‘Shape Our Future’ (GV Lanthorn) Read
10/2: Seidman Experts Respond to Economic Crisis (GV Now) Read
10/1: Ask Gleaves: Nation Braces for Historic Election (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/17: Thomas, Hills Debate at Hauenstein (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/16: Hauenstein Events Celebrate Constitution Day (GV Now) Read
9/15: Democratic Senator, Republican Politician to Battle for Nov. 4 (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/12: Mobile Voting Registration Coming to Grand Valley (GV Now) Read
8/27: Washington Post Columnist Visits Grand Rapids (GV Now) Read
8/25: Conference to Show Michigan History Rooted in Underground Railroad (GV Lanthorn) Read
8/19: McCain or Obama? Hauenstein Center Hosts Debate (GV Now) Read
7/13: GV to Raise 50 Million for 50th Anniversary (GV Lanthorn) Read
5/27: Conference Focuses on PTSD (GV Now) Read
4/14: The Electoral College: 2008 Debate (GV Now) Read
4/5: Hitchens vs Hitchens: Peace at Last (Mail on Sunday)
4/5: The Other Hitchens (World on the Web)
4/4: Hitchens Brothers Debate the Tough Stuff: God, War (GR Press)
4/2: Journalistic Titans, Brothers to Debate (GV Lanthorn)
4/2: Ask Gleaves – April Fools (GV Lanthorn)
3/29: Hitchens Brothers Bring Their Faith Debate to Downtown (GR Press)
3/23: Ford ‘Memoir’ Fuels JFK Plot Buffs (GR Press)
3/20: Brothers Square Off Over God, Politics, and Culture (GV Now)
3/19: Ask Gleaves – Campaign Vitriol (GV Lanthorn)
3/9: Biographer to Discuss Presidents in GVSU Lectures (GR Press)
3/6: Presidential Historian and Professor Visits GVSU (GVSU News)
3/5: The Slouch, the Stare, the Stutter: The Many Gifts of William F. Buckley Jr. (National Review)
2/22: Editorial Quick Hits (Detroit News)
2/18: It’s George Washington’s Birthday, Not Presidents Day (National Review)
2/18: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams to Come to Stage (GV Lanthorn)
2/3: Ask Gleaves – Valentine’s Day (GV Lanthorn)
1/31: Kasey Pipes Brings Historical Perspectives (GV Lanthorn)
1/27: Kasey Pipes to Speak at Gerald R. Ford Museum (GV Lanthorn)
1/23: Michigan to Celebrate 171st Birthday Saturday (GV Lanthorn)
1/22: The Road to Little Rock and the Challenge of Equality (GVSU News)
1/10: Ask Gleaves – College Football (GV Lanthorn)
1/7: Two From GV Community Die on Christmas Day (GV Lanthorn)


12/27: Great Lady Will Be Missed (GR Press)
12/26: GVSU Mourns the Death of Grace Hauenstein (GV Now)
12/26: Grace Hauenstein Dies (Wood TV)
12/6: Romney Tests if Voters Are Less Tolerant than Founders (Detroit News)
12/2: Ask Gleaves – George Washington, “greatest man in the world” (GV Lanthorn)
11/8: Rare Presidential Books Acquired (GV Lanthorn)
11/1: Collector Gives GVSU Writings From 40 Presidents (GR Press)
11/1: GVSU Acquires Rare Book Collection Written by U.S. Presidents (GV Now)
10/31: Ask Gleaves – Wartime Presidents (GV Lanthorn)
10/31: Historian Jill Norgren Visits Grand Rapids (GV Now)
10/17: GV to Host History Lectures (GV Lanthorn)
10/12: Real Life, Real People: Ralph Hauenstein (WZZM 13)
10/10: Richard Norton Smith Returns to Grand Rapids (GV Now)
10/3: Two GVSU Staff on Lincoln Committee (GV Lanthorn)
9/19: GVSU to Hold Third Annual Constitution Day (GV Lanthorn)
9/17: Constitution Day Celebration Features James Madison (GV Now)
9/16: Cheney Meets Protest in GR (GV Lanthorn)
9/13: Bush and Cheney No Stragers to Michigan (WOOD TV 8)
9/9: And For My Second Act, I’ll Take Some Money (New York Times)
6/17: The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
6/13: Tweed Roosevelt Relives Great-Grandfather’s Journey (GV Lanthorn)
6/1: Speaker’s Box: Tweed Roosevelt (GR Press)
5/30: Tweed Roosevelt to Visit Grand Rapids (GV Now)
5/13: Dedication Events Set For Homestead (Lincoln Journal Star)
5/11: GVSU’s Hauenstein Center Partners with National Park Service (GV Now)
4/12: Presidential Historian Visits Grand Rapids (GV Now)
3/7: Thomas Jefferson Visits West Michigan (GV Now)
2/12: Caro Visits Grand Rapids on Presidents’ Day (GV Now)
1/24: GV Reacts to State Address (GV Lanthorn)
1/8: Saying Goodbye (GV Lanthorn)
1/3: Unsung Feats Now Appreciated (Detroit News)
1/1: How a City Shaped a President (Detroit Free Press)
1/1: Ford Served as ‘Our Tie to the Nation’ (Detroit News)
12/28: Gerald Ford was a Uniter, a Leader, a Healer, a Michigander (Detroit Free Press)
12/28: Man Left His Mark on Residents (Detroit News)
12/28: How Others View Gerald Ford’s Record (Detroit News)
12/28: A Healer for Turbulent Times (Newsday)
12/28: Remembering Ford (Desert News)
12/28: ‘He Brought Us Back Together’ (Daily News)
12/27: Nevada Leaders Remember Ford (NBC)
11/16: Scholar Defines the Importance of Character (Lanthorn)
11/08: Renowned Presidential Historian to Present at GVSU (Lanthorn)
11/08: Richard Norton Smith Returns to Grand Rapids (GV Now)
10/26: Granholm, Officials Teach Students Skills in Leadership (Lanthorn)
10/26: Kissinger Speaks, Meets Protesters in GR (Lanthorn) Read
10/23: Terrorists Find New Role, Kissinger Says (GR Press)
10/23: Kissinger to Speak Despite Some Protests (Lanthorn)
10/20: Grand Valley Students and Staff Meet with Gov. Granholm (GV News) Read
10/19: Hauenstein Center, Ford Museum, to Host Kissinger (GV Now)
10/5: Writer Questions Conventional Beliefs (Lanthorn)
9/28: Jefferson, Bush, and the War in the Middle East (GV Now)
9/21: Who Is An American? Event Sponsored by GVSU Center (GR Press)
9/21: Constitution Celebration Sparks Immigration Debate (Lanthorn)
9/21: Immigration, A Reality of America’s Past, Future (Lanthorn)
9/16: Forum Opens Debate On Immigration (GR Press) Read
9/14: Immigration Debates to Begin at GV (Lanthorn) Read
8/17: Kissinger, Ford’s Son to Speak in GR (GR Press) Read
8/6: Washington? Get in Line (U.S. News & World Report) Read
7/13: Series Gives Insight Into Founding Father’s Life (Lanthorn) Read
7/6: Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America (GV Now) Read
7/3: Library Hosts Alexander Hamilton Exhibit (MLive) Read
6/1: Roosevelt, Students Win Awards at GVSU (Lanthorn) Read
5/5: Bono Preaches, Pleads for Aid to Africa (GR Press) Read
5/3: Business Person of the Year, Slykhouse Award Winners Named (GR Press) Read
4/24: Ralph Hauenstein honored (Education News) Read
4/24: Vet to Share War Stories (Lanthorn) Read
4/10: Speaker Tells Stories (Lanthorn) Read
3/20: GV Partners with Historian (Lanthorn) Read
3/16: Richard Norton Smith partners with Hauenstein Center (GVSU News) Read
3/15: GV Partners with Historian (Lanthorn) Read
2/27: Affirmative Action debated on campus (GV Now) Read
2/27: Professors debate Affirmative Action at GVSU (Lanthorn) Read
2/22: MCRI to be Center of Debate in GR (Lanthorn) Read
2/21: Affirmative action measure debated (GV Now) Read
2/23: Hauenstein Center’s ‘March Madness’ gets underwasy (Lanthorn) Read
02/20: Picking the best president (Hannibal Courier-Post) Read
02/15: Contest to Pick Most Influential President (Lanthorn) Read
02/14: March Madness in the White House (GV Now) Read
02/01: GV, Michigan React to Bush’s Address (Lanthorn) Read


11/16: Hauenstein Center event canceled (GV Now) Read
10/30: City Commission Asks How to Keep College Grads in GR (Lanthorn) Read
10/30: Student Panelist Set to Question City Candidates (Lanthorn) Read
9/30: National experts gather for ‘War and Empire’ (GV Now) Read
9/29: ‘War and Empire’ questions U.S. military advancement (Lanthorn) Read
9/29: Panel of Experts Connects Empire to American History (Lanthorn) Read
9/29: Historian Points Out War Across Generations (Lanthorn) Read
9/21: GVSU Shares in New Holiday (Lanthorn) Read
9/16: Faculty Panel Discussion Planned for Constitution Day (GV Now) Read
9/15: World views clash in ‘imperial’ debate (GR Press) Read
9/14: War of words precedes debate (GR Press) Read
9/13: ‘War and Empire’ debate moved (GV Now) Read
9/8: GVSU students hold Katrina benefit (GVSU News) Read
9/1: Religion and the Presidency (GV Magazine) Read
8/25: National experts gather for ‘War and Empire’ (GV Now) Read
7/13: Happy Birthday, Mr. President (GV Now) Read
4/15: Veterans speak on liberating Nazi death camp prisoners (GV Now) Read
4/13: Reagan Scholar Visits Gerald R. Ford Museum (Lanthorn) Read
4/13: Churchill’s Life Shown in Exhibit (Lanthorn) Read
4/11: Hauenstein Center examines President Reagan (GVSU News) Read
4/9: Series focuses on leadership style of Reagan, senator (GR Press) Read
3/28: Hauenstein Center examines world leaders in April (GVSU News) Read
3/16: Hauenstein Center Web Site Experiences Record Hits (Lanthorn) Read
2/28: Henry Kissinger visits West Michigan (GV Now) Read
2/28: The Hauenstein Center brings Henry Kissinger to West Michigan (GVSU News) Read
2/25: Kissinger to speak on China (GR Press) Read
2/24: Grand Valley’s U.S. presidential web site sets record (GVSU News) Read


11/30: Drawn By Faith and Politics (Lanthorn) Read
11/24: C-SPAN to televise Religion and the Presidency Conference (GV Now) Read
11/20: Religious moderates delivered key support to Bush, scholar says (Toledo Blade) Read
11/19: Kerry to slow to woo Catholics, activist says (Toledo Blade) Read
11/19: Author says politicians use faith to further own ends (GR Press) Read
11/15: Religion and the Presidency explored at Grand Valley (GV Now) Read
11/4: Theodore Roosevelt comes to Grand Rapids (GV Now) Read
10/26: Discussing the election (GV Now) Read
10/20: Presidential Election Roundtable (GV Now) Read
9/27: Presidential Politics from Hoover to Bush (GV Now) Read
9/9: Ask Gleaves answers presidential questions (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/1: GVSU announces stellar lineup for upcoming Fall Arts Celebration (GV Now) Read
8/26: Presidents’ answer man (GR Press) Read
8/25: Lecture series highlights Ford presidency (GV Lanthorn) Read
8/16: Gerald Ford’s Decision: Pardoning Nixon (GV Now) Read
8/10: Ask Gleaves: Web feature answers anything about politics and history (GV Now) Read
8/1: Watergate: A scandal begat by war (GV Now) Read
6/20: Economist Speaker Predicts Next President (Lanthorn) Read
6/11: Presidential historian reflects on Reagan’s funeral (GV Now) Read
6/8: Presidential historian reflects on life and legacy of Ronald Reagan (GV Now) Read
6/7: Grand Valley historian remembers Ronald Reagan (GVSU News) Read
5/19: Will pocketbook issues pick the next president? (GV Now) Read
4/20: Hauenstein to be honored at commencement (GV Now) Read
4/7: George Washington: On the Wrong Side of the Slavery Issue? (GV Now) Read
3/4: Who was Herbert Hoover? (GV Now) Read
2/24: Harvard scholar brings ‘brainy, quirky’ Herbert Hoover to GR (GVSU News) Read
2/4: Presidential Politics in the Roaring ’20s (GV Now) Read
1/28: Actor brings Calvin Coolidge to Grand Rapids (Grand Haven Tribune) Read
1/22: Presidential Politics in the Roaring ’20s (GVSU News) Read
1/1: Q &A with Gleaves Whitney (GV Magazine) Read


12/17: Hauenstein Center endowment seeks funds (GV Now) Read
12/1: Hauenstein Center educates more than students (GV Lanthorn) Read
11/23: Follow the Leaders (GR Press) Read
11/5: Wartime Presidents: FDR and George W. Bush (GVSU News) Read
10/3: Author tries to explain mystique that keeps JFK popularity (G Press) Read
10/2: A candid look at Camelot (GV Now) Read
9/30: Author coming to discuss book on JFK (GR Press) Read
9/25: A candid look at Camelot (GVSU News) Read
9/21: WGVU radio presents forum on Bush presidency (GR Press) Read
9/20: C-SPAN to air GVSU event (GR Press) Read
9/18: Hauenstein Center Educates More Than Students (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/18: Harvard Scholar Speaks at Book Debut (GV Lanthorn) Read
9/13: Scholars criticize ‘imperial’ presidency (GR Press) Read
9/12: Former West Wing advisor caps off day long 9/11 conference (GV Now) Read
9/12: Grand Valley’s Hauenstein Center gets national TV audience (GVSU News) Read
8/26: Declaration of Independence Made Stop at Grand Valley (Lanthorn) Read
7/24: Garry Wills opens Declaration of Independence Exhibit (GV Now) Read
7/22: Declaration of Independence stops in Allendale (GVSU News) Read
7/22: Declaration Comes to GR (Lanthorn) Read
7/16: Historical signing (GV Now) Read
7/14: Grand Valley’s Hauenstein Center gets new leader (GVSU News) Read


12/2: Intelligence gathering (GV Now) Read
11/21: Sharing intelligence must improve, former FBI-CIA chief says (GR Press) Read
10/19: Grand Valley to host former director of CIA, FBI (Lanthorn) Read
11/18: Presidential decision-making discussed (GV Now) Read
11/7: Webster – A Life Defined by Public Service (GVSU News) Read
11/6: Grand Valley to Host Former Director of CIA, FBI (Lanthorn) Read
11/1: Q/A with Ralph Hauenstein (GV Magazine) Read
10/28: Intelligence briefing (GV Now) Read


11/19: GVSU scholar presents Lincoln Lecture (GV Now) Read
11/9: Holzer continues lecture series (GV Now) Read
11/1: Lincoln Lectures continue (GV Now) Read
10/18: A national crisis examined (GV Now) Read
10/16: American presidency in time of war explored (GVSU News) Read
10/05: Lincoln Lecture Series looks at presidency in time of crisis (GVSU News) Read
10/4: Lincoln Lecture Series Gift of GR Business Man (Lanthorn) Read
10/4: Beschloss opens series (GV Now) Read
9/26: Ford Museum, GVSU sponsoring Lincoln Lecture Series (Grand Haven Tribune) Read
9/25: GVSU features prominent scholars in Lincoln Lecture Series (GVSU News) Read
4/28: $1 million donation helps create presidential studes center (GR Press) Read


9/12: Presiential Campaign Symposium Features President Ford (GVSU News) Read
9/7: Historian Smith Joins GVSU (GV Now) Read
9/5: Noted Presidential Scholar Joins Faculty (GVSU News) Read


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