11/18: Ask Gleaves: Obama losing ground on health care (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
11/12: Townhall meeting to focus on strategies for Michigan’s future (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
11/8: Forums offer chance to comment on how to fix Michigan (Grand Rapids Examiner) Read
10/20: Around Grand Valley: Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies (GVSU’s News and Information Services) Watch
10/12: Authors debate: Did FDR’s social programs make the Great Depression worse? (Grand Rapids Press) Read
10/11: Panelists to draw correlations between nation’s depressions (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
10/9: Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies Enters Nobel Peace Prize Winner Debate (WGVU) Read
10/8: GVSU hosts ‘From Cold War to War on Terror conference (GV Now) Read
9/28: GVSU debates will compare Great Depression, current recession (Grand Rapids Press) Read
9/17: President impersonators help East Grand Rapids students celebrate Constitution Day (GR Press) Read
9/16: Long-dead presidents spend day in GR (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
8/30: Leadership Academy equips future professionals (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
6/12: Studying Presidents in Grand Rapids (Dome Magazine) Read
4/11: C-SPAN to Air GVSU Program (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
4/5: Around the Nation (The Nation) Read
4/1: Lowry, vanden Heuvel Meeting in Grand Rapids to Debate Obama’s First Months (Grand Rapids Press) Read
4/1: Ask Gleaves: The Effects of Big Government (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
4/1: Prominent Liberal, Conservative to Debate Obama’s First 100 Days (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
4/1: A Spirited Debate on President Obama’s First 100 Days (GV Now) Read
3/20: President Barack Obama and the Lessons of Antiquity (GV Now) Read
3/15: Grand Rapids Economic Club to Host Condoleeza Rice in June (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
2/27: Historian H. W. Brands Assesses Obama’s First Days in Office (GV Now) Read
2/25: Ask Gleaves: Looking to Lincoln (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
2/6: Lincoln v. Douglas: A Sesquicentennial Debate (GV Now) Read
1/28: Phillips to Cover Lincoln, Leadership (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
1/27: Political Dynasties Fade Away (Washington Times) Read
1/25: Author Says Lincoln Offers Lessons in Leadership (Grand Rapids Press) Read
1/21: Obama’s Speech Delivers; Can His Presidency? (Detroit News) Read
1/21: GVSU Students Gather for High-Tech Inauguration (WZZM News) Read
1/21: Celebrate Change (Grand Valley Lanthorn) Read
1/20: Grand Valley Celebrates Inauguration (GV Now) Read
1/20: Bush Calls World Leaders, Commutes Sentences (Centre Daily News) Read
1/19: Obama’s Countdown to Destiny (Arab News) Read
1/19: Historical Inauguration and Inauguration History (GV Now) Read
1/18: Nation Has High Expectations for Obama (Detroit Free Press) Read
1/18: Congress Goes Along with Obama For Now (Detroit Free Press) Read
1/15: As Bush Prepares to Leave Office, Time Will Be the True Test of Legacy (Fox News) Read
1/13: Inauguration Event Moved to Fieldhouse (GV Now) Read
1/8: Lincoln Author Phillips to Visit GR (Grand Haven Tribune) Read
1/4: Scholars Unflinching in Negative Assessment of Bush’s Legacy (Detroit Free Press) Read
1/4: Bush Legacy Up for Debate (Bradenton Herald) Read

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