12/31: World War II Veteran Donates $1 Million to GVSU Read
12/23: Mayor George Heartwell next speaker at Wheelhouse Talks Read
12/13: Snowe talks progress, failure of Congress at Hauenstein Center event Read
12/12: The Hauenstein Center for Presidential studies has much going on, including a recent gift by Colonel Ralph Hauenstein Listen
12/12: Former U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe speaks at GVSU’s Hauenstein Center Read
12/10: Hauenstein makes another investment for GVSU’s Hauenstein Center for presidential studies Read
12/09: Hauenstein donates $1 million to GVSU center Read
12/09: Grand Valley State University given major gift Read
12/09: Philanthropist Makes $1M Donation To GVSU Center Read
12/09: Grand Valley State University given $1 million donation for Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies Read
12/09: Hauenstein donates $1M to GVSU center Read
12/09: GVSU Hauenstein Center gets $1 million gift Read
12/09: Philanthropist donates $1M to university for leadership Read
12/09: Grand Valley announces major gift to Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies Read
12/08: Ralph Hauenstein passing along leadership lessons he learned over 101 remarkable years Read
12/08: Ralph Hauenstein, 101-year-old WWII vet, philanthropist, donates $1 million to GVSU Read
12/01: Hauenstein Center to host JFK presentation Read
11/29: “JFK: The Spirit of Cold War Liberalism” with Jason Duncan at GVSU Read
11/27: Aquinas professor/author will address JFK’s legacy at Hauenstein speaker series Read
11/26: Kennedy expert will highlight JFK achievements Read
11/22: Focus on Anniversary of JFK Assassination No Surprise to Presidential Expert Read
11/21: American Conversations on Common Ground Listen
11/20: Noted author, columnist to speak at Hauenstein Center lecture Read
11/20: Forbes columnist to speak at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Read
11/18: Hauenstein Center, partners to host noted presidential author Read
11/11: Hauenstein Center examines “The Conservative Mind at 60” Read
11/11: Business ethicist to present at next Wheelhouse Talk Read
11/8: Here’s a look at events happening this month at GVSU Read
11/6: Hauenstein Center event to examine significant conservative writing, 60 years later Read
11/6: Finding common ground Read
11/6: Coffee House Debate discusses role of government Read
11/5: Audio: Russell Kirk’s Final Public Lecture Read
11/5: Hauenstein Center Coffee House Debate Listen
11/4: Jonathan Haidt: Why Good People are Divided by Politics (and Religion) Read
11/4: Election day debate at GVSU considers role of government Read
11/3: Hauenstein Center hosts coffee house debate Read
10/23: Poll: US prefers hemorrhoids to Congress Read
10/23: Psychologist explores what?s wrong with Washington, religion Read
10/22: Interview with Shelly Irwin on WGVU – “American Conversations” Listen
10/21: Psychologist to discuss religion, politics, and why they divide us Read
10/21: Biannual reception will celebrate student leaders Read
10/15: Psychologist to speak at GVSU about why religion, politics divide the public Read
10/14: Renowned psychologist to discuss religion, politics, and why they divide us Read
10/4: Whitney discusses “Common Ground” on Michigan Radio Read
10/3: What history can tell us about the government shutdown Read
10/3: Stateside for Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 Read
9/10: Hauenstein Center discussion focuses on finding common ground Read
9/9: Hauenstein Center’s conversations series continues Read
9/9: Interview with Shelly Irwin on WGVU – “The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies” Listen
9/4: Discussion at GVSU to focus on whether common ground is still possible in U.S. politics Read
7/22: Interview with Shelly Irwin on WGVU – Hauenstein Center Presents, “An Evening with the Presidents” Listen
7/12: What would Jerry do? Read
4/18: Hauenstein Center hosts expert panelists for discussion on political views Read
1/24: GVSU to present former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with fellowship medal Read
1/21: Stateside: Second inaugural addresses throughout history Read
1/16: Reagan documentary to premiere at GVSU Read


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